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Member Success Testimonial

I was waiting until I received a new career until I properly thanked you. I want you to know the CEC and AAPM certifications that you blessed me with and my faith enabled me to approach the largest local construction companies in our area. I approached these companies, with my new designation and acronym next to my name, with pride and confidence knowing that interviews would be forthcoming, and they were. I received a phone call from the fourth largest construction company of its kind in the nation. The interview process that ensued was tedious and intrusive, but very fruitful. At one point I interviewed with the number one construction salesman in the nation. And still I felt undaunted (well maybe a little nervous.....actually my heart was beating out of my chest). My composure attained, I was able to express to him the experience, education and the ethics that you confirmed in my certification (and I made it a point of showing him on the certification). The interview complete and a good feeling is all that I carried out of that room, the waiting game started. During the next six days the clock seemed to move like jello. Finally, on Monday February 1st those words that all the employment deficient long to hear...."welcome aboard". Now I am one of a select group of representatives that design projects for the fourth largest contractor of its kind in the nation. Though the story of my hiring is long, I have a difficult time finding the words for my appreciation. All I can say is THANK YOU.