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The CEC ™ Institute Press and News
The Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants
The Worlds First E-Business Graduate Certification
The CEC ™ Institute and The International Board of Standards - Recognized Worldwide for over a Decade
The First Certification that accepted "double accredited" government recognized university education as an official "Path" to "Management Certification
  • 2018 - New Courses in Germany
  • 2018 - New PM Courses in Arabia and Europe
  • Accreditation renewed in Europe under TUV Standards
  • New Graduates from Hong Kong Poly University Apply for Certification
  • New Graduates from Queens College New York are Approved
  • New Graduates from: India, Africa, West Indies, and Europe are approved.
  • CEC Board Approved University of Hong Kong.
  • Board votes to approve ACBSP Business Programs. * Any e-Business Program Course and Exam at a Double Accredited ACBSP Program would count toward certification.
  • CEC forms Legal Alliance with the IPMC International Project Management Commission
  • 2010 - CEC International Board of Standards holds Executive Meetings in London and New York
  • 2009 International Board of Standards Becomes Member of Institute of Credentialing Excellence
  • 2009 CEC International Board of Standards Becomes Member of American National Standards Institute
  • 2009 CEC Recognized by the Arab Academy in Diplomatic Agreement
  • Jan 2009 - CEC AAPM Graduates 100 new students in January to start of 2009.
  • December 2008 - Global Board meetings in Dubai UAE. New courses available in 20 countries this year in e-Business Managmeent.
  • April 2008 - Annual Academic Board Meeting Dinner in New York - Yale Club - New Board Members from the IPMC and AAPM join together with CEC
  • March 2008 - Athens, Greece - Training Channels opened for distribution in Athens and the European Union.
  • January 2008 - AAPM & CEC to run programs in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Estonia, Greece, Shanghai, Qatar, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Singapore, Sydney Australia, Kuwait, Dubai, San New York and more in 2008
  • January 2008 - CEC rolls out project management courses in several countries. AAFM Dubai has rights to deliver the CIPM and MPM certification programs.
  • October 2007 - CEC Approved MPM project management programs run in: Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, USA and more.
  • April 2007 - CEC Board Members from USA, Asia, and Europe meetig in New York City.
  • January 2007 - The American Academy of Project Management acquires the distribution of the CEC and PME Certifications and Licenses. www.certifiedprojectmanager.org and www.certifiedprojectmanager.eu
  • August 2006 - CEC begins promotion of MPM Master Project Manager Certification.
  • May 2006 - CEC Global opens international training distribution operations offices in Dubai, UAE
  • March 2006 - CEC Credential recognized by the AAPM. Any CEC with 5 or more years of experience in IT Project Management can apply for an executive waiver for the MPM Master Project Manager Certification. www.certifiedprojectmanager.org
  • December 2005 - CEC forms global alliance with the International Project Management Commission.
  • November 2006 - CEC Board meets in Singapore at the Shangri La Resort for Global Discussions on training, e-ethics and more.
  • September 2005 - The American Academy of Project Management recognizes the Certified E-Commerce Consultants Institute
  • August 2005 - CEC recognized by the American Academy of Public Relations Marketing and Advertising www.marketingfirm.org
  • June 2005 - CEC Recognizes RP - The first educational institution in Singapore to adopt the Problem-Based Learning approach for all its diploma programmes, Republic Polytechnic has four schools offering ten diploma courses in Information & Communications Technology, Engineering, Applied Science, and Technology for the Arts.  http://www.rp.sg/.
  • May 2005 - 5 More Colleges become approved CEC providers. Board meets in South Fork Colorado for Special Meetings regarding ebusiness courses and standards, IT project Management, and EMarketing Courses.
  • April 2005 - CEC Board Members scheduled to meet at the Yale Club in New York to discuss CEC Global Growth Strategy
  • Feb. 2005 - CEC conducts workshop with 50 top marketing executives of HSBC Bank Asia.
  • January 2005 - CEC Approves Law School Graduate Courses for CEC e-Commerce Certification
  • December 2004 - CEC Conferene and Board meets in Geneva Switzerland
  • November 2004 - CEC Board meets in Beijing, China.
  • August 2004 - CEC Board meets in Colorado and Cliff House Resort. CEC Approved alliance with RSOF.
  • May 2004 - Prof. Mentz is a keynote speaker at Hong Kong University Oracle Conference in China.
  • May 2004 - CEC Board Meeting in Hong Kong China. 5 new Asian Colleges approved for CEC Recognition worldwide.
  • May 2004 Hong Kong CEC Conference on May 22nd will be attended by General Counsel - George Mentz, JD, MBA, CEC
  • April 2004 - E-World Conference in October 2004 in London approved as an official E-Business Conference by CEC Board.
  • February 2004- CEC PME Project Manager Ebusiness Certification is approved by Board of Standards. Read more in About Dot Com
  • Jan 2004 Royal Society of Fellows conference is a new and approved CEC E-Commerce Congress.
  • Sept 2003 Awards Ceremony Hong Kong Scholarship Ceremony in Hong Kong Photos and Awards City University
  • July 2003 - CEC Rolls out the new CEA and CEA program Certified Interactive Marketing Manager in Hong Kong Asia and the US.
  • June 2003 - New Global Board of Standards Members Announced: Dr. K K Lam, Principal Lecturer, e-Business Campus, City University of Hong Kong, China Dr. Timothy Chan, Principal Lecturer, Commerce, Singapore Polytechnic - University, Singapore, Dr. Keith Chan, Head of Computing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong - Kong, China, Todd Genton, Strategy Practice Leader - Asia Pacific, Deloitte Consulting, Hong Kong, China, & Honorary Global Advisor: Tony Tai Director - Marketing, IBM Greater China Beijing, China.
  • June 2003 - CEC continues its 2 year relationship with IIR in the Middle East. IIR is one of the largest conference organizations in the world.
  • Jan. 2003 - CEC Board of Standards Meets in San Francisco. Members from US, China, and Australia meet to discuss rapid growth and strategy for CEC Worldwide.
  • Dec. 2002 CEC Officially Approved by the Chinese Government for executive training in mainland China. Honorable officials of the Chinese Government have press ceremony in Beijing.
  • Oct 2002, CEC Moves into the Asia Region with new Asian Super Board of Standards and is forging agreements with the Chinese Government for Training.
  • August 2002, CEC Reaches the 100 College Mark in building alliances with colleges and university's worldwide to grant the CEC to graduates of select programs.
  • May 10th, 2002--CEC awards merit scholarships to select members of Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, and Carnegie Mellon MBA Graduates.
  • April-May 2002--CEC forms new college alliances with SJSU San Jose State University in Silicon Valley; The University of South Africa; University of Colorado Business School; The University of New Brunswick of Canada; Loyola Chicago Business School; Loyola New Orleans CIS Program and the Graduate Institute; College of Notre Dame in California; The University of Wyoming, New Jersey Inst. of Tech, AGSM Australian Graduate School of Mgt.
  • March 21st, 2002--CEC agrees to deliver ecommerce & ebusiness training on site in Malaysia
  • March 1st, 2002--CEC enters agreement to launch on site ecommerce & ebusiness training in select regions of Egypt and Africa.
  • February 12th, 2002--CEC enters agreement to launch CEC on site training in Russia and Israel
  • February 6th, 2000--CEC launches on site ecommerce & ebusiness training programs in Greece and the Mediterranean
  • January 31, 2002--CEC Launches on site ecommerce & ebusiness education in Brazil and Portugal.
  • January 30, 2002--CEC Launches on site ecommerce & ebusiness training and education in Australia, Hong Kong and Mainland China
  • Nov. 26th 2001---The Certified E-Commerce Consultants ™ have formed an e-learning partnership with Mindleaders, Inc to distribute e-commerce education and certification worldwide.
  • Read The Official Press Release
  • Read about the CEC ™ Certification in the Mindleaders CEC™ Education offerings
  • Click here to download the PDF for the Mindleaders CEC™ Training Program
  • Technology News--Nov. 24th 2001----The Honorable Henry A. Mentz, Jr. , Senior United States District Judge has been elected to the position of Honorary Chairman of The Global Board of Standards for the Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants ™ effective Jan. 1st 2002
  • Nov. 1st 2000--CEC Launches On Site ecommerce & ebusiness education in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan.
  • 2000--CEC Reaches Alliances with colleges, universities and asociations in Europe and Canada to certify graduates of ecommerce & ebusiness programs.
  • 1999 - CEC recognized by college groups.
  • 1998 - CEC Board of Standards Formed
  • 1995 - CEC group formed with the onset of global internet use.
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